About Masonry


A Mason is a member of the world’s largest fraternal organization. He can enjoy the friendship of other Masons in his community, and he will be welcomed as a “brother” by Masons anywhere in the world.

A Mason shares the aspirations and obligations of men of good will who seek to make themselves better than they are—not better than others.

A Mason worships in his own fashion according to his own religious faith whether he be Christian, Jew, or Moslem, Protestant or Catholic, Buddhist or Hindu, but free of regimentation by society or the state.

A Mason holds that the brotherhood of man is an imperative, and it is the bond that unites him to other men.

A Mason endeavors to grow in things spiritual through the exercise of sobriety, truth, justice, charity, and faith in God.

 A Mason is obligated to the devotion of his family and his community's welfare.


There are about 300 Masonic lodges in Minnesota with 15,000 members. In the United States there are 16,000 lodges with over four million members.

Mason’s constantly respond to requests for membership. Simply ask a Mason how a man goes about joining the fraternity. Any man is encouraged to request to become a Mason. Upon a man’s request, a member of a Masonic Lodge may give him an application for membership in the local Lodge in the Hastings community.

The application form, called “Petition for Degrees,” requests information about a man’s character, personal history, and his family status. Each Lodge has an established annual membership fee.

When a man becomes a Mason, he will enjoy  the friendship of a fine group of men in the Hastings community and be recognized all over the world as a “brother”. Moreover, he can participate in the activities and fellowship and social events in every Lodge in all the world.

If you are seriously interested in the possibility of joining the Hastings Masonic Fraternity, we suggest that you ask a Mason or email a request for additional information.